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Why Cornerstone?

We will save you time, freeing you up so that you can better manage the operations of your business, generate more revenue, and earn more money!  


Who starts a business because they want to do the books and taxes?

NO ONE, THAT'S WHO!  Let's face it, no one opens a business because they can't wait to post their revenue and expenses to the books, learn the accounting software, or figure out their payroll taxes.  The mechanic opens a business because he or she loves to work on cars and help folks get going again.  Unfortunately, keeping the books and paying taxes (sales taxes, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, etc) is just a necessary evil of owning your own business that most business owners would rather not have to do.  That is where we come in!  We do the things you don't want to do so that you can do what you love and make more money while you are doing it.


What makes Cornerstone different than other firms?

We are unique in that we custom tailor our bookkeeping packages to fit the needs of every client, all for a low, FLAT price.  Want us to pay your bills and manage your cash flows, we can do that.  Want us to pay your estimated taxes for you, we can do that.  We do not charge by the hour, every month is the same low, flat fee, so ther are no surprises.  We  do as much or as little as each client requires.


Why waste anymore of your time doing your own books? Give us a call or E-Mail us today. The phone call is free and the initial consultation won't cost you anything either! We will even pay for lunch.

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